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Our menu reflects our Vietnamese heritage with some western influence in our breakfast menu. Its not fusion, so don't get it confused! Our slices, cakes, muffins and biscuits are baked on the premise.  Our fresh baguettes are hand made from the talented baker Minh at Patisseries Bakery & De Francs in Sunnybank Hills.

Our philosophy is to not over complicate our fresh produce.  We strive on preserving natural flavours and do not add any msg to our dishes.  We hand make everything from the lemongrass pork sausages to our spring rolls in store. We do not discriminate on diet restrictions so if you are gluten/dairy intolerant we can cater for your needs. We don't judge on your budget, our menu fits in with everyone hip pocket.  Its our goal to educate the burbs of Brisbane a new way of eating! Yes you can have a bowl of Pho (pronounced "Fur") at 7am.  In the streets of Vietnam there are numerous vendors selling Banh mi (baguettes) and steaming hot soups for breakfast. So get your pho on and head to Cafe O-Mai for something different and special.

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Please note we may change our menu prices without notice. Please see current menu for updated prices of time of purchase. Thank you for your understanding.